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Leif ([personal profile] hara) wrote2015-03-25 07:45 pm

Commissions! Open!

Hi I'm Leif and this is my first attempt at doing icon commissions. I enjoy coloring! I would love to color shit for you! I charge in dreamwidth points which can be sent to this account upon completion of the commission.

I can do three levels of icons for you!

10 dw points per icon:

Flat colors, simple muted or no background (I'm bad at picking color backgrounds so if you don't have one in mind none is safest).

20 dw points per icon:

More vibrant eyes, shaded skin, gradient hair and some attempt at clothing shading! Again simple flat color or no background is an option.

25 dw points per icon:

Same as 20 points but also with hair extra shading. Which is like twice the amount of work for some reason so thus adding more.

More examples of my style can be found at [community profile] iconicle.

My limitations! I can really only work with manga or black and white drawings. I don't really know how to shade or color over black hair shading to make it more interesting than black, but I can give it a shot.


I can also, if you wish, do simple eyes (and mouth or not) for like 5 dw points per 5 icons (1 dw point each) if you happen to want that.

Since this is my first time doing this I'm opening commissions at a limit of 5 people and a max of 5 icons each person! (Plus one set of up to ten of the simple eye coloring if anyone wants that)

WHAT I NEED: Provide me with, ideally, 100x100 cropped images of the icons you want, but if you just want to provide me with panels or larger images that's fine! I will also need to know at least the colors you want, links or a quick palette are ideal. I can do coloring for canon characters or alt coloring for OC PBs whatever you wish. The examples are a good idea of my usual color sense when left to my own devices.

Working on:

[personal profile] pitching 2015-03-26 03:32 am (UTC)(link)

20 DW pts each! Hair color this color, eye color any kind of bright blue/teal, light skin color, maybe pinks and stuff for the uniform she's wearing? I kind of want a bg, maybe a light green, but if it doesn't look good, feel free to just leave it blank.

LET ME KNOW IF TINTED HAIR IS UNWORKABLE I can find a different set to link you :0
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ilu my troublemaker

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I TRIED, but I couldn't get two of these to size well, so one small and two large, in 25 dw point style! An idea of a colour palette here

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I will totally recommend you to people!
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[personal profile] nagachika 2015-03-26 03:55 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd love to pay you to colour some of my icons!!

that's the 25DW points per icon option! I'll likely buy more once I have a bit more money, haha!!
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I think the softer colours definitely look much nicer, so if you'd like to use those they'd probably look better.

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And for the colour scheme, here's some examples: and here.

OH RIGHT in 20pt style.
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wow let's try that again

i didn't realize you wanted them 100x100 so i intentionally didn't resize oops. i'd really like the 25 points per icon style! feel free to follow your heart on colors because YOU KNOW THIS TREE and also lmao his hair.
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LOOKS GREAT /// what a pretty tree

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[personal profile] boomgoesthebirdy 2015-08-23 03:55 am (UTC)(link)
Hey, this is Crystal. I know things didn't quite work out with the timing with my last batch, but is there any chance I could commission you for a few icons? Or are commissions closed right now?
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EDIT: Better quality of one pic slid in and this is a not-so-subtle attempt to slide in one more:
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